ROCKVILLE (WJON News) -- The identity of the man involved in the restraining order violation in Rockville, and more information about the incident have been released. The man has been ID'd as Joseph Bloch of Rockville and he has been charged in Stearns County District Court with one count of threat of violence - disregard of the risk, and one count of harassment-aggravated violations - use of a dangerous weapon in commission of the offense.

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According to the criminal complaint, at about 9:00 a.m. on Monday, the Stearns County Sheriff's Office was called to a home on County Road 8 in Rockville near Grand Lake. Once on the scene, a woman told deputies that while she was outside in her garden Bloch had threatened he was going to get her and fired three rounds from a rifle in her direction.

The woman's husband was also outside and confirmed her story and informed them of ongoing issues with Bloch including him breaking a window on their property. Over the next several hours deputies made multiple attempts to contact Bloch by phone and were able to reach him on two different calls. Both times, investigators say Bloch was agitated and began yelling at them before hanging up.

When Bloch could later not be found the sheriff's office was granted a search warrant for the home and found several guns and ammunition casings. Then on Tuesday, the women called to report Bloch was back at his home, and when responding deputies spotted Bloch driving in Marty and stopped him. Bloch got out of his vehicle and walked towards deputies yelling at them. He stopped walking at the front of the squad car and rested his arms on the hood. Deputies arrested him and took him into custody without incident. Bloch is being held in the Stearns County Jail.



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