The United Football League is a little over halfway through its first season and while it is not NFL action the games are fun to watch. The XFL and USFL merged after the 2023 season into the now United Football League which was probably a smart move rather than having two competing spring football leagues. The UFL gives some players a 2nd chance at a pro career or the 1st opportunity for frindge players looking to gain some experience and a potential shot at the NFL.  After the 10-week regular season ends on June 2nd, the top four teams will advance to the two-round playoffs. Here are the some reasons to give the UFL a shot if you were thinking about catching a game on TV or even in person.

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Ticket prices run as low as $25 which is 5X cheaper than the average NFL ticket.

Arizona v Utah
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In-game Comms lets you hear play calls as they are happening, and conversations between players and coaches during the game giving you an up-close feel for what is going on during the game.

Robert Smith #26
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Former Minnesota Vikings' running back Robert Smith does color commentary for games. Smith brings some unique insights into what is going on and has some interesting Vikings' stories to tell in the process.

DC Defenders v San Antonio Brahmas
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Spring Football to fill the void between the College Football Championship and Super Bowl until NFL Training Camps start.

Seattle Dragons v DC Defenders
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No extra point kicks.  All the extra points in the UFL are an actual play. Teams can choose to go for 1, 2, or 3 points based on what yard line they line up on. 2-yard line=1pt, 5-yard line=2 pts, 10-yard line= a 3-point try.

Instant Replay
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Replay System. In the UFL the off-site command center can stop the game if they see a play that they think needs to be reviewed or believe an error was made. Then the broadcast goes live to the command center so viewers/fans can see exactly what the officials are looking at, and how they are interpreting the rule. Plus, coaches can challenge any play: pass interference, holding, catches, anything but they only get one challenge so they have to choose well when to use it.

Houston Roughnecks v Michigan Panthers
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Kicker Jake Bates of the Michigan Panthers. Bates has a cannon for a leg and is accurate. He has made three kicks over 60 yards so far and has a cult following in Michigan. Fans chant MVP whenever he takes the field for a field goal attempt. You can bet Bates will find a home in the NFL this fall.

St Louis Battlehawks v DC Defenders
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Cup/Beer Snake. The crazy stacking of empty beer cups at Washington Defenders games that sees the stack grow into a long snake-like object several rows long.  It is fun to see just how long the plastic beast will get by the end of the game.


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