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Schmitt; Great Time to Do Some Mississippi River Fishing
The river water levels are at historic lows but despite this fishing the river could be a good idea. Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News joined me on WJON Thursday. He says because of low water levels the pockets of deep water is likely the location that fish are congregating.
How Do You Like the St. Cloud Parking Meter Pilot Program?
We are almost 2 months into St. Cloud's new pilot parking change in downtown St. Cloud. The program which began on Tuesday June 1st specifies that parking will be free in the five downtown ramps starting at 5:00 p.m. during the week, and all weekend long. However, you will have to pay to park …
Alarcon Joins St. Cloud V.A. Leadership
Alfonso S. Alarcon, MD was recently appointed as Director, Surgical and Specialty Care Integrated Clinical Community at the St. Cloud VA Health Care System. Dr. Alarcon and St. Cloud V.A. Public Affairs Officer Barry Venable joins me on WJON today.
What Retail or Restaurant Do You Want to Come to St. Cloud?
Today on WJON's 2-Cent Tuesday listeners weighed in on what restaurants, retail and grocery they'd like to see come to St. Cloud. Suggestions included restaurants like a Denny's, In-N-Out Burger, Hash House a Go Go, and Cracker Barrel. Others want to restaurants like Waffle It, and …
Do You Work in a Toxic Environment?
The worker shortage in Central Minnesota and across the nation is encouraging employers to be a "Choice" employer. Talent Director Gail Cruikshank from the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation joined me on WJON Today.
5 People With COVID-19 Hospitalized at CentraCare
CentraCare spokesman Dr. George Morris joined me on WJON today. He says they have 5 people within CentraCare and St. Cloud hospital hospitalized with COVID-19 this week. He says among the 5, three have not been vaccinated while 2 have received a vaccine but have pre-existing compromised immune sys…
Double Stamp Day For Minnesota Scoop on Sunday
Explore Minnesota has been working with many Minnesota ice cream shops this summer on a promotion called "Minnesota Scoop". The Minnesota Scoop is a statewide ice cream experience featuring 100+ ice cream shops through Aug. 1. Sunday July 18th is National Ice Cream Day.
This Is How Severe Weather Happens
Severe weather is a possibility for much of Minnesota Wednesday into Thursday with rain and storms in the forecast. I talked with meteorologist Megan Moulford from She says to have a thunderstorm 3 ingredients are needed; moisture, instability and lift.
Is There a Problem With Driving in St. Cloud?
Spending time on St. Cloud area roads is something that most of us do on a regular basis. Today on WJON's 2-Cent Tuesday program I heard from many St. Cloud area residents who have a wide variety of reasons why driving in St. Cloud can be challenging.

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