WAITE PARK (WJON News) -- Xcel Energy's St. Cloud Service Center will be getting a new home. The service center will be moving to a new location at 3683 5th Street South in Waite Park near the Stearns County License Center.

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Paul Habstritt, WJON
Paul Habstritt, WJON

The new facility will consist of three buildings on 17 acres of land. Xcel Energy's Community Relations Manager Michelle Schmitz says they need more space than what the current location can offer:

"And so that's really going to allow us to be able to have more space for our equipment and truck storage.  We've really outgrown that in its current location so we're excited because the new space has been designed to accommodate roughly 85 vehicles and equipment trailers so it's going to be a pretty significant space."

Paul Habstritt, WJON
Paul Habstritt, WJON

Schmitz says the new location will allow Xcel Energy to grow and they have definitely run out of room at the current location. She says the new service center will allow Xcel Energy to better meet customer's needs:

"This type of thing would allow us to position ourselves to be able to be really more responsive and quick and provide more of a safe and reliable service fleet, be responsive, having the more space is obviously going to give us that capacity to be able to respond quickly and to be able to have everything really more, more accessible."

Schmitz says the main building at the new site will be 48,000 square feet and the vehicle storage building will be 9,000 square feet. Xcel Energy has been in its current location at 3515 3rd Street North in St. Cloud since the early 1960s, and the new facility is scheduled to open in the fall of 2025.


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