Here's a WJON FlashBriefing for November 1, 2017.



SNOWY FORECAST -- A snowy start to November. A couple inches of snow possible today. Another 2-4 inches possible Friday night. Meanwhile, winter parking restrictions are now in effect in the St. Cloud metro.


CAR BREAK-INS -- In St. Augusta, a string of car break-ins overnight. All the cars had been unlocked.


BASEBALL BAT BEATING -- In St. Cloud, 29-year-old Michael Adrian pleading guilty to using a baseball bat to beat a man who owed him money. Sentencing next month.


MELROSE CHURCH -- The St. Cloud Catholic Diocese is recommending St. Mary's Church in Melrose -- badly damaged by fire a year ago -- be rebuilt, not restored. But a group of parishioners has formed a group to take legal action to save the existing church.


EARLY FLU SEASON? -- CentraCare Health officials are expecting an early flu season this year. They're urging us all to get our flu shots now.


CANDY BUY BACK -- Did your kids make a haul on Halloween candy last night? They can turn in excess candy at St. Cloud Toyota in the “Candy Buy Back” program from 5 to 8 pm. They can get a dollar for every pound of candy turned in, up to five dollars.


DEER OPENER -- All across Minnesota, the DNR is expecting a strong deer harvest as deer populations rebound. The firearms deer season opens Saturday.


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