Health Matters; Dealing with Trauma [PODCAST]
This week on WJON's Health Matters program I talked with psychotherapist Mindy Heinen from Sartell Pediatrics. Our topic of conversation is trauma. Mindy says examples of trauma could be a death, dealing with violent situations, physical or sexual abuse, or maybe a car accident.
Minnesota Set to Certify Presidential Election [PODCAST]
Minnesota if expected to certify the Presidential Election with Joe Biden the winner of Minnesota's 10 electoral votes. St. Cloud State Political Science Professor Patricia Bodelson joined me on WJON today. She says we did not have a close race for President in Minnesota and the certification…
Souhan; Vikings Showed They Aren't That Good [PODCAST]
The Vikings lost 31-28 at home against the Dallas Cowboys Sunday to see their 3-game winning streak end. Star Tribune Sports Columnist Jim Souhan joined me on WJON today. He says despite the 3-game winning streak they hadn't really fixed a lot of their issues especially with their defense.
Souhan; Gopher Defense Just Not Improving [PODCAST]
The Gopher football team hosts Purdue tonight at 6:30, pregame on WJON at 4:30. Star Tribune Sports Columnist Jim Souhan joined me on WJON today. Jim says the Gopher defense is missing players like Antoine Winfield who made up for plenty of misgivings but he's now playing in the NFL with the …
Dr. Morris; St. Cloud Hospital is "Beyond Full" [PODCAST]
CentraCare Spokesman Dr. George Morris joined me on WJON today. He says St. Cloud Hospital is "beyond full" this week due to a flood of Covid-19 cases in St. Cloud hospital and in their ICU. Morris says due to Covid-19 infections and quarantines of staff they are at the point where they w…

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