Explore Minnesota Safely [PODCAST]
Many Minnesotans are turning to exploring Minnesota this summer due to a lack of concerts, city festivals, and sporting events. Alyssa Hayes from Explore Minnesota joined Jerry Carlson and I today on WJON. Alyssa says Minnesotans are taking advantage of the many state parks, trails, and lakes.
Morris; Public Should Wear Masks [PODCAST]
CentraCare Spokesman Dr. George Morris joined me on WJON today. He told me that CentraCare is testing Asymptomatic inpatients at the St. Cloud Hospital for Covid-19. Morris says they are offering testing for asymptomatic individuals who also feel they came in contact with people who have tested po…
My Life; John Schroeder [PODCAST]
This version of WJON's My Life series features long-time radio sports director and radio sales associate John Schroeder. Schroeder grew up in Minneapolis and graduated from Minneapolis Edison High School. John is the youngest of 6 children. He loved sports as a youngster especially football,…

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