More people get out and shop this time of year than any other.  St. Cloud area residents weighed in what they prefer between the traditional checkout where you deal with a live person or self checkout.  This doesn't apply to every store in our community but when it does apply what do you prefer?  Does it matter how long each line is?  Are you concerned about potential problems with self checkout?  Is the technology difficult?

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The questions above are likely to play a role in what each person prefers.  Some like the personal interaction you get with traditional checkout while others would like to avoid interaction all together.  I asked our WJON listeners what they prefer assuming the lines are the same.  Two-thirds of those who responded prefer going through the traditional line.  Many of those who responded did so by calling the radio station.  Among those who called in almost all said they preferred the traditional checkout.  Those responding on email favored self checkout.

If you'd like to listen to a portion of today's 2-Cent Tuesday discussing this subject it is available below.



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