WJON's Health Matters program focused on losing weight and life changing healthy New Year's resolutions.  I talked with Rejuv Medical Chief Integration Officer Garrett Ewers from Rejuv Medical.  He says people need to know their "why" when it comes to making life changes like weight loss.  He says knowing what they want to do is important but the "why" will keep them motivated and pushing toward that goal.  He says sustained weight loss need to come with support from family and friends and in many cases someone, like a trainer, to keep them accountable.  Listen to our 4-part conversation below.





Garrett says what he eat it so essential to achieving successful like changing weight loss.  He says moving to whole foods and away from sugars and fast food and make an immediate difference.  He says people often lose some weight initially when they make this change but pushing through plateaus can be challenging.

Health Matters airs on WJON at 9:10-10 Monday and Saturday mornings.

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