This week on WJON's Health Matter program I talked with Medical Fitness Specialist Sara Kohn from Rejuv Medical.  We talked about strength training.  Sara says strength training is important for everyone regardless of age or ability level.  She says what type of strength training is recommended varies depending on what that person wants to accomplish and what they should be doing based on their current health state.  Sara says they may start people out with just body resistance movements to make sure a person's form is correct before incorporating weights.  Listen to our 4-part conversation below.





A person's diet is also important in producing the results desired.  Sara suggests a protein heavy diet for people looking to built muscle mass.  She outlines the details as to when someone should eat before and after a workout.  We also discussed if cardio should be done before or after a strength training workout.  Sara says it doesn't matter too much which one you do first but she does feel that people should be a 100% when doing the strength training activities to ensure maximum effectiveness.  Kohn says the correct amount of sleep, food, and rest between workouts can help people achieve the goal of building muscle mass regardless of their age or gender.

Sara says strength training can be best achieved when working out with a friend or with proper coaching from a trainer of fitness specialist.  Sara says if someone is new to working out a trainer can add even more benefit because that person can help the client learn to workout while minimizing injury.  Learn more about workout programs at Rejuv Medical.

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