UNDATED (WJON News) -- U.S. News has just released its list of the best states to live in.

They rank Minnesota at #5 on that list.

U.S. News puts Minnesota #1 for infrastructure which includes things like internet access, transportation, and energy.

Photo by Laura Kessler on Unsplash
Photo by Laura Kessler on Unsplash

We're also at #7 for the natural environment for things like air and water quality and pollution.

The report has Minnesota at #9 for Opportunity for affordability, economic opportunity, and equality.

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We're ranked #15 for the economy for things like business environment, employment and growth.

We're also ranked #15 for health care for access, quality and public health.

The Top 5 states ranked on the list:
#1 - Utah
#2 - Washington
#3 - Idaho
#4 - Nebraska
#5 - Minnesota

U.S. News ranks Iowa at #7, Wisconsin at #8, South Dakota at #12, and North Dakota at #14.


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