Urgent Care for Mental Health partners are changing the way mental health is treated.  Urgent Care of Mental Health CEO Marc Van Herr joined me on WJON today.  He says wait time for psychiatric services to youth, adolescents and young adults is the United State is on average 2 months.  He says that shouldn't be the case and that they are cutting that time down to around 2 weeks on average.  Marc says when someone were to have a sickness or injury a wait time of 2 months wouldn't be acceptable so why should a mental health issue not be considered important enough to warrant immediate care.  Listen to our conversation below.


Van Herr says there is still a stigma associated with mental health but that stigma is improving.  He says it is getting more acceptable for someone to take medication or receive treatment for mental health issues.  He says he suffers from bipolar disorder and no one would know it looking at him or being around him.  He says medication and therapy greatly benefitted him.  Van Herr says many people go a lifetime undiagnosed with a mental illness.  He says 60 percent of people have a mental illness that could be assisted by medication or therapy.  Marc says talking with a therapist to help normalize a person's condition and state of mind can really help.

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