Dr. Christopher Boelter joined me on WJON today.  He is a Urologist for CentraCare and was placed in charge of CentraCare and St. Cloud Hospital's "road to recovery" plan.  The plan is designed to get them back on track to handle non-Covid-19 emergencies and procedures that were initially delayed do to concerns over Covid-19.  Dr. Boelter says the hospital is not overwhelmed by Covid-19 patients and is well equipped to handle non-elective and elective procedures.  Listen to our 2-part conversation below.



Dr. Boelter says he expects results of the Minnesota mask mandate to should effects soon and feels the St. Cloud hospital is a safe place for patients and staff despite some Covid-19 patients in a specific location in the hospital and in the ICU.

Sturgis is doing their motorcycle rally this weekend.  Dr. Boelter says only those that show Covid-19 symptoms should pursue a test not just anyone who attended or came in contact with those who attended.  He says tests and getting test results back is still slower than it was a few weeks ago due to other states needing that material because of outbreaks.

Dr. George Morris is expected to join me next week for another update on Covid-19 at the St. Cloud Hospital.

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