I've been sitting on this for a week now. When the news came out that the Cleveland Browns were going to interview Vikings Offense Coordinator Kevin Stefanski, I started writing a rough draft about teams interviewing other teams coaches, how that affects a team in the playoffs and what happens if Stefanki leaves (more on that here).

When the news came out about the interview, I thought there would be a strong possibility he would get the job. He was second on the Browns list last year before they eventually gave the job to Freddie Kitchens and there were people in that organization that wanted Stefanski over Kitchens in the first place.

But there is a BIG problem with this whole situation.

Some people think that Stefanski was distracted during the 49ers game. Having just had an interview that might result in a huge promotion, and given that the play calling was absolutely terrible, the theory is not without merit.

With that on his mind you would think that Stefanski would actually want to do a good job and win the game because that would go a long way towards getting the job. Unless...

He knew he HAD the job already.

NFL teams are not allowed to officially hire someone from another organization until that teams' season is done, and not even 12 hours after the Vikings season ended, the Kevin Stefanski announcement was made.

I've seen a lot of people in my industry that knew they were leaving to go to another company. I've seen them kind of start checking out. Thus the term "short-timer syndrome". If someone knows they already have a job with another company, and especially if it's a big promotion, they have a tendency to not really give it their all at their current job or maybe not have their head in the game.

What is surprising is that the NFL allows this to happen. It's also surprising that the Minnesota Vikings organization allowed it to happen.

Playoff teams are preparing all week for their games coming up and shouldn't have to worry about one of their coaches doing an interview and taking time away from the task at hand.

Teams should have to wait until the season is concluded to interview for any coaching job. Listen...I'm sorry your team sucks and is out of the playoffs but you don't get to distract another team that is currently still in them.

A similar thing happened a couple years ago with Pat Shurmur. That year the Eagles smoked the Vikings. So don't be surprised if the Vikings never allow this to happen again.


Disclaimer: Some of my co-workers know I was having a little fun when I wrote this. I was actually going to take it over the edge even more but I decided against it. And no, I don't think Stefanski threw the game or anything.


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