COLD SPRING (WJON News) -- The ROCORI School District will be upgrading some of their technology later this summer.

The district plans to remove all projectors and screens in all classrooms and replace them with brand new interactive display boards.

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During Monday's school board meeting, the board was given a presentation on how the new smart boards work and the plans for them in the classroom.

Brian Michalski is the Director of Technology for the district. He says they were able to get a few panels for teachers to learn on this year before they are installed district wide.

We started offering with our tech experts training for teachers before and after school. This way staff can start having the knowledge on how to use this technology before the end of the school year.

In total the district will have 167 smart boards installed, with 155 of those mounted on the walls, the other 12 well be on carts.

Michalski says each panel costs roughly $2,100 and comes with a seven year warranty.

The school board has been planning for this exchange since 2019 and have already budgeted to cover the expense.

Michalski says the plan would be to have the old projector systems removed and install the new interactive panels in June.





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