A few weeks back we told about the resurfacing of an age-old sideshow-like attraction that toured the upper-Midwest in the late 60's; The Minnesota Iceman. Now a museum that specializes in the bizarre has brought it back to the public, after being in a guy's freezer for over three decades. 

The legend of the Minnesota Iceman starts with a man named Frank Hansen, who along with his buddy shot a 6-foot tall primate-like creature in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. he then carted it around to malls, county fairs and events beginning in 1967, charging a fee to look at it, encased in ice.

It disappeared shortly after, and has just recently resurfaced as a centerpiece display at The Museum of the Weird, in Austin, Texas. The exhibit opened last week (July 13th). You can read about the creature and research surrounding it, including Frank Hansen's last words at Dmitri Bayonov's blog Bigfoot Researcher.

We added the audio of our original story that debuted the week before the opening as a 'When Animals Attack' weekly segment.