ST. CLOUD -- Long distance skateboarding is a real thing and it's rolling into St. Cloud. The International Distance Skateboard Association is hosting the Skate Central Endurance Festival, a three-day, 200-mile race on the Wobegon Trail and Central Lakes Trail.

The route travels 120 miles from Fergus Falls to St. Cloud on day one, Friday, July 19th. Racers will spend the night here in town and then are shuttled back up to Osakis on day two, where they will race 56 miles to Fergus Falls. And then on day three racers are shuttled to Evansville and race 26.2 miles to Fergus Falls.

The event is expected to attract 30 to 50 elite distance skateboarders. If you know someone who wants to participate the deadline to sign up is this Sunday.

There are also volunteer opportunities.