I was joined on Health Matters this week by Dr. David Smith from Sartell Pediatrics.  He described how the Covid-19 vaccine is similar or different from other vaccines.  He says it isn't unusual for vaccines to require a freezer or refrigeration for storage to store a vaccine at -80 degrees isn't common.  He says most vaccines are single doses while the two approved covid-19 vaccines are 2-dose vaccines.  He says if the Johnson and Johnson and Astrazeneca vaccines receive approval that could be a game-changer because both of those vaccines can be stored at room temperature and only require one dose.





Dr. David Smith has been working with positive Covid-19 patients and therefore qualified for a Covid-19 vaccine.  He received the 2 doses of the Pfizer vaccine.  He says he experienced some side effects after his 2nd dose and says is not uncommon after the 2nd dose.  He says that is a side the vaccine is working but he encourages people to consider not working the day after getting the vaccine due to possible side effects.

Dr. Smith says if he was asked to help distribute the Covid-19 vaccine to Sartell residents he would like to use a hard building to allow for lines and social distancing.  He says a careful planned distribution should be planned if supplies of the vaccine meet the demand.

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