Congressman Tom Emmer was in St. Cloud this week meeting with St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson, St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis, and representative Tama Theis to get an update on the COP House in St. Cloud.  Emmer says the COP House continues to be a success offering community engagement with police and community members.  Kids that are involved in the COP House programs have the opportunity to participate in sporting events. In addition to the sporting events they are offering kids the opportunity to partner with police officers on the program which allows for a path to become of police officer.  Emmer says the St. Cloud COP House model should be adopted throughout the country.  The COP house model places a house in neighborhoods with large amounts of crime activity.

The Federal eviction moratorium expired last Saturday.  Tom says this is good for landlords who haven't received the compensation they had been accustomed to.  He says there was a last second push by the Democrats to extend the moratorium.  Emmer says the worker shortage is tied to the eviction moratorium and the supplemental unemployment benefit which is set to expire in September. He says with these two Federal government benefit expiring he expects more and more people to go back to work.

In regards to the COVID-19 vaccine.  Tom would like those unvaccinated to consider getting the vaccine.  He says he understands why many distrust the Government, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the mainstream media.

Congressman Tom Emmer joins me every month on WJON.  Hear this week's conversation below.



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