Tom Emmer

Emmer Pleased With COP House Progress
Congressman Tom Emmer was in St. Cloud this week meeting with St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson, St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis, and representative Tama Theis to get an update on the COP House in St. Cloud. Emmer says the COP House continues to be a success offering community engagement with police…
Some Employers Still Struggling to Get Workers [PODCAST]
Congressman Tom Emmer joined me on WJON this week. He says the $300 Federal supplemental unemployment payment which is scheduled to end in September is taking its toll on employers. He says many local employers tell him it will be hard for them to make it until September because of a lack of empl…
Emmer Thinks COP House Could Work In Any City [PODCAST]
I was joined today on WJON by 6th District Congressman Tom Emmer. He authored the bill helping create the COP House in St. Cloud. COP stands for Community Outpost and is a home in a neighborhood that has had issues with crime activity. The home is meant for police to increase visibility and commu…
Emmer Wants Return to Normalcy [PODCAST]
6th District U.S. Congressman Tom Emmer joined me on WJON for his monthly appearance. Emmer praised many of the accomplishments by the Trump Administration including "Operation Warp Speed" but denounced the January 6th Capitol breech saying the violence was unacceptable. He says he'…
Emmer, 100 GOP Lawmakers Sign-On to Texas-Led Election Lawsuit
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Congressman Tom Emmer, one of the top G-O-P leaders in the U-S House, is among a large group of Republicans asking the U-S Supreme Court to overturn the presidential election.
Emmer, who represents the 6th Congressional District (Twin Cities northwest suburbs up to Saint Cloud), s…
Emmer Supports COP Houses [PODCAST]
6th District U.S. Congressman Tom Emmer joined me on WJON today. Tom is introducing a bill today regarding support for COP houses. He doesn't support dismantling the Minneapolis Police Department and says there are many good people in uniform.
Emmer Wants to Go Back to Washington [PODCAST]
Minnesota 6th District Congressman Tom Emmer joined me on WJON today. He would like the House to be called back to Washington to get back to work. He says Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is the only one there crafting legislation.

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