UNDATED -- A group of car enthusiasts has been doing what they can to help the bars and restaurants in central Minnesota.

Michael Morgan started a Facebook group called "Small Business Appreciation Dinner" soon after the Governor's Executive Order shut down the businesses to dine-in customers. He says they've been getting together on Friday and Saturday nights for about two months now and driving to various businesses to order take out food.

Morgan says he selects the bar early in the week and calls them with a heads-up that they're coming, it's then up to the participants to call in their own food order.

Everybody's got to eat, it would really help out if we could go out on Fridays and Saturday and sometimes on Sundays and just host a little cruise on some backroads and then go place some to-go orders and eat in our cars and then leave afterward.

He says some nights they've placed as many as 80 food orders.

Submitted Photo

This Friday the group is traveling to South Haven to order food from either Mom's Place or Bedrock Bar and Grill.

Anyone interested can indicate they are going via the Facebook group's event page.

Morgan says any type of vehicle is welcome to participate.

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