UNDATED (WJON News) -- The National Weather Service says we could see a prolonged snow event this weekend that could last from Sunday into Tuesday.

Snow totals are likely going to change as the system gets closer, but as of right now, forecasters are estimating five to eight inches of additional snow on Sunday, three to five inches of snow on Monday, and one to three inches of snow as the system wraps up on Tuesday.

If that holds true, we're looking at snow totals in St. Cloud anywhere from nine to 16 inches from Sunday through Tuesday.  That's on top of the four to six inches of snow we could see Thursday night into Friday morning.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

The weekend storm could double the amount of snow we've had for the entire season which is at 13.6 inches as of right now.

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We did have a few larger snowstorms last winter when we had a record amount of snow for the season.  We had 13.8 inches with a system in early January 2023, and we had 12.4 inches with a system in mid-December 2022.

Biggest snow events on record in St. Cloud:
#1).  36" April 1893
#2).  32" March 1896
#3).  21.7" March 1965
#4).  18.3" Feb-March 1951
#5).  17.7" March 1965
#5).  17.7" March 1985
#7).  16.8" Nov-Dec 1985
#8).  16.4" January 1975
#9).  16.3" November 1940
#10).  15" March 2002
#10).  15" November 1911

Any snow we do get over the next several days will reduce the wildfire risk in the short term.  It will also help with the ongoing drought conditions.  Seventy-five-percent of the state is in a moderate drought right now.


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