ST. CLOUD -- Catholic Charities has wrapped up their 8th annual Pack the Porches food drive.

Steve Pareja is the Executive Director of Catholic Charities. He says spring is often a hard season for food shelves across the state.

"Many times people through the holidays, from Thanksgiving through New Year's, they are very generous and giving but it's about this time of year where we start to  see some bare shelves. It's important because people need food all year long."

Donations of several different items are appreciated but Pareja says one donation continues to be stretched the farthest.

"Cash is king and the reason is, is because of our buying power through Second Harvest Heartland. What we can do, is we can take one dollar and multiply that by at least three or four, so that gives us the opportunity to take a few dollars and really multiply that in the number of people we can help."

If you didn't get a chance to donate during Pack the Porches you can still drop off donations at the Catholic Charities Emergency Services Food Shelf.

Catholic Charities is expected to release their numbers on how much cash was donated and how many pounds of food was donated Friday evening.

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