SARTELL -- It didn't take long for the former Sartell fire station to serve a new purpose.

The city sold the property to AquaTraction Advance Marine Flooring earlier this month.

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The business has been around for about seven years and currently has two locations in Clearwater, Minnesota and North Kingstown, Rhode Island.

Co-owner Josh Clymer says while the majority of their clients come from the east coast, their business in Minnesota has really exploded in recent years, causing them to outgrow their current space.

Where we are currently at in Clearwater, my employees are tripping over each other because we have grown so fast and consumed all the floor space we currently have.

The business specializes in custom-design boat flooring which has exceptional traction whether in wet or dry conditions.

Clymer says many Minnesota boats have carpet installed by the manufacturer, however it's difficult to keep clean, it absorbs water and molds. He says their product is designed to solve those problems while giving the boat a highly custom appearance.

Clymer says once they saw the space they new it would be a perfect fit for growing their business.

For what we are doing an old fire hall is the ideal location for what we are doing. With all the bay doors we have and two drive thru bays, we will be able to bring any boat in Minnesota in and out of our shop pretty easily.

Clymer says as early as next month they will begin working out of the Sartell location while they renovate the space. The plan is to open manufacturing and full-service operations by early December.

He says with Sartell becoming their new main office, they still plan to operate out of Clearwater for additional manufacturing and inventory space.

The opening of the Sartell location will create roughly 10 new jobs to the area.


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