ST. CLOUD -- One park and two trails in St. Cloud are scheduled to get upgrades this year with money from the land sale to Costco.

When the city council approved the sale of 18 acres in Heritage Park back in February of last year, they earmarked $1 million for neighborhood park improvements. Over the past year the Park and Recreation Advisory Board identified projects and prioritized them.

The suggested park improvements for this year include $75,000 for new playground equipment at Woodland Hills Park, $100,000 for the Westwood Parkway Park Trail Renovation, and $100,000 for the Concord Park Trail Renovation. There's another $20,000 being spent on professional services on the trail renovations. The total money spent for this year is $295,000.

Three more park projects are scheduled for next year. Replacing the tennis/basketball courts at Rotary Park for $170,000, renovating the tennis court at Centennial Park for $150,000, and renovating the parking lot at Centennial Park for $120,000. There is also $40,000 being spent next year on professional services. The total amount being spent next year is $480,000.

Then, in 2021, two more park projects are in the works, replacing the tennis court at Central Park for $150,000, and another neighborhood project with the specific park yet to be determined.

The St. Cloud Park and Recreation Advisory Board is scheduled to review the list during their regular meeting Tuesday night.

The rest of the $3.5 million in the land sale has been designated for buying future park land, road improvements near the Costco store, and rebuilding the skate park.