ST. CLOUD -- We're getting our first look at some of the improvements that could be made to St. Cloud's neighborhood parks with the money from the sale of some land in Heritage Park. The Park and Rec Advisory Board will be making a presentation to the city council on Monday.

One million dollars from the land sale has been earmarked for park improvements. Some of the bigger projects on the list include a new splash pad at Centennial Park, resurfacing all trails more than five years old, and repairing and replacing fields and courts at Seberger Park.

Mayor Dave Kleis says the Park and Rec Board, the Planning Commission, and the City Council will all have a chance to weigh in on the list before it is finalized, and the projects begin next year.

They would be in the 2019 budget.  So that is why this process starts early, we're bringing it to the council on the front end so they can give feedback.

Kleis says it will allow the city to get some maintenance projects checked off their list.

That has always been the priority to maintain those neighborhood parks that we already have that we didn't really have a funding source for other than property taxes.

There is actually about $1.5 million worth of upgrades on the list, so the city is hoping to find some matching funds from other local organizations.

Photo by's Alex Svejkovsky

Project List:

-- Northway Park repair/replace courts and equipment
-- Centennial Park new splash pad
-- Pantown Park new playground equipment
-- Rotary West Park repair/replace tennis courts and infrastructure
-- Resurface all trails more than 5 years old
-- Centennial Park repair/replace tennis courts
-- Central Park repair/replace tennis courts
-- Seberger Park repair/replace field and courts
-- Northway Park new playground equipment
-- Westwood Park and Concord Park trail refurbish
-- Haws Pool and Shelter renovation
-- Woodland Park repair/replace basketball and tennis courts

Also on Monday, the city council is expected to pass a resolution reaffirming the city's commitment to relocate and rebuild a skate plaza in Heritage Park.

Back in February, the city council approved the sale of 18 acres of land in Heritage Park to Costco for a little over $3.5 million.