ST. CLOUD -- The XPOGO Stunt Team paid a visit to the St. Cloud Rox game Thursday night to wow the crowd with some big tricks and flips.

The XPOGO Stunt Team takes pogo stick stunts to a new level, performing jump tricks and flips as high, or higher than 15 feet in the air. Russell Kaus and Flynn Nyman are a part of the XPOGO team. Nyman says the community is small but very connected.

"It's a pretty small community, to get involved, a lot of it's over social media, Facebook, Snapchat Instagram, Twitter and things to stay connected."

Kaus says everyone eventually gets to the same level, but make sure to keep some tricks for themselves.

"The cool thing about the sport is everyone has their own style of tricks they do. Everyone eventually reaches the same level, but we all have our own style."

The XPOGO team travels around the world doing hundreds of shows every year. You can see them at baseball games, NBA games, fairs and more.

The XPOGO team has around 20 people as part of it.

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