WAITE PARK (WJON News) -- Hopes are dashed on opening the County Road 75 bridge early thanks to recent rains.

Stearns County Engineer Jodi Teich says the rain has slowed progress on grading the bridge approaches pushing back concrete paving until next week. Teich says the following week there will be work on the shoulders and guardrail.

It has pushed the bridge opening timeframe back to mid-June.

Teich had hoped a dry winter would allow the project to be completed earlier than scheduled, but the wet conditions have slowed some of the work.

WJON News told you in early May, that crews could get into the river to remove a temporary access earlier than normal. Typically the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources does not allow work around creeks and rivers during the high-water season. That means between March 15th and June 15th, crews are not allowed to work in the waterways. But, because of the dry winter and lack of snowmelt, the DNR granted the county permission to enter the river earlier than normal.

Despite that, a wet spring has slowed the work and returned the completion timeline to mid-June.





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