ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- The St. Cloud City Council on Monday, will be asked to set a public hearing to move ahead with a major road construction project this summer.

University Drive was going to be resurfaced between County Road 75 and the Mississippi River this year, and then utility replacement and resurfacing from the river to 15th Avenue Southeast in 2026. But, Public Services Director Tracy Hodel says they received $8.5-million in state funding for the project which will allow them to do it all this year...

And, that's going to benefit us in a couple of ways. Number one, we're going to be able to capitalize and not have to pay inflationary costs if we push this project out further. Also, it really works well for what we have planned for 2025 which is Lincoln Avenue. We want to do a reconstruction there. And, we would not want to shut down Lincoln Avenue and University Drive at the same time.

Hodel says on the west side of the river, the project will include a multi-modal trail and on the east side of the river, a complete utility replacement will be included along with the resurfacing and new bike lanes.

The total project cost is just under $10.5-million and is expected to be completed before next winter.

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