WAITE PARK -- There's a new kind of outdoor gym coming to Waite Park later this summer.

The city plans to build a Fitness Court along the Healthy Living Trail on 3rd Street starting next month.

Park Board Member John Bowden says the concrete base and rubber flooring is expected to be laid sometime in May and the equipment pieced together over the summer. Bowden says if all goes well the fitness court should be available for residents to use by August.

The 38 by 38 square-foot area allows athletes to complete a full body weight exercise program outdoors with no cost.

Bowden says so far they have raised roughly $30,000 in donations, which includes a $10,000 grant from National Fitness Campaign. He adds they will continue to look for additional funds towards the project. Total cost is estimated $125,000.

National Fitness Campaign has worked with over 4,000 communities across the nation and hopes to install 100 courts across the country.