WAITE PARK -- Waite Park officials were given an update on the city's Strategic Planning process.

During Monday night's work session Perme and Peterson Associates, the consultants hired by the city to lead this process, gave the council an update on the work completed so far and what's to come.

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Cathy Perme says they recently formed a steering committee who will help identify key stakeholders to help in the next phase of the process.

This is really about pulling community members together, people who are the movers and shakers of the various stakeholder groups, to come together and say what they want Waite Park to look like.

Perme says the group will consist of residents, business owners, city staff, and other community partners.

She says the overall goal is to get this group together for a short retreat where they can collaborate to provide insight, input and direction for Waite Park's future.

Part of what we are going to do is ask people what is the common ground. What is it that everyone seems to want for their community. If we can put all the energy behind what people want and are willing to commit to you're going to get a lot more progress.

According to the consultants' proposed timeline, this event would likely take place sometime in April.

From there the feedback and input will provide guidance to the city council when it comes to taking action and putting these ideas into motion for the city.



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