ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud Police say 37 adults and two juveniles were arrested in the early morning hours Tuesday as a protest turned violent.

Just before 10:30 p.m., officers in the area of 9th Avenue and University Drive South heard multiple gunshots. No victims were found. But, the shots drew a crowd as large as 200, who had then taken over the roadways and began throwing rocks at police and passing motorists.

A number of people broke the glass doors of Southtown Liquor and began looting. Police say officers quickly moved in and stopped the looting.

At that time police gave notice that the gathering had become an unlawful assembly and deployed tear gas to get the crowd to disperse.

Over the next four hours, officers responded to numerous unlawful assemblies, multiple reports of gunshots, several reports of assaults in the crowds and rocks being thrown. Three dumpsters were also set on fire.

Police had to break up one crowd to get to an assault victim. He was pulled from the area and taken to the hospital.

Multiple officers were hit by rocks during the incident but no serious injuries were reported.

The investigation into the Southtown Liquor store continues with one arrest so far.

St. Cloud Police was assisted by numerous law enforcement agencies.

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