SAUK RAPIDS -- A volunteer that has literally been in it since the beginning.

Terry Sylvester has been volunteering for over two decades at Living Waters Lutheran Church in Sauk Rapids. She's been involved in a number of church services and events.

Sylvester says someone asked her to take pictures the day the church opened and the rest is history.

Besides Living Waters, Sylvester is also a Step Force trainer and volunteer through the St. Cloud Hospital. She helps visitors find their way around the maze of the hospital, moves patients and delivers flowers.

Sylvester has been retired for 16 years and since retiring she has been a volunteer. She's worked as a hospice volunteer, and RSVP volunteer.

Volunteering has been great for both Sylvester's emotional health and physical health.

"It [volunteering] keeps you moving, exercise, motion is lotion." --Sylvester

When Sylvester's not volunteering she likes to travel. She recently went skydiving with a group of hospital volunteers.

Sylvester says "It [skydiving] will be the closest to heaven that I'll ever be before I get there."

Chrissy Gaetke, WJON
Chrissy Gaetke, WJON