ST. CLOUD -- With the pandemic still among us, many organizations are finding new ways to help volunteers get the training they need while at home.

Briana Temple is with the Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Center. She says they've converted their required training into an online format to provide more flexibility for interested volunteers.

We were like what can we do to still show our face, get our message out there, and get this education out there. So we moved it completely online and still do videos, power points and humanize those trainings, not just listening to a recording.

She says volunteers have a little over a month to complete the 40 hour training course. They will also have several zoom meetings to help answer any questions volunteers may have.

Temple says they hope the flexibility in their training schedule will translate to more volunteer applications.

We understand things in life come up, and that we are still in a pandemic and things change every minute. So we are very adjusting to that.

Temple says there are 10 online training sessions scheduled throughout the year. The next training session will begin on February 2nd.

Volunteer applications can be found on the CMSAC website.

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