COLLEGEVILLE -- Despite the below average temperatures, dedicated skiers gathered in Collegeville this weekend.

Nearly 60 skiers participated in the 4th annual Langlauf Ski Races at St. John’s University on Sunday.

Kyle Rauch is the Assistant Director of Environmental Education at St. John's and the Langlauf Race Director. He says the event is fit for all Nordic skiers.

So we have a skate race and a classic race, so a different style of skis and a little different technique. Our skate racers are freestyling, going a little faster out there on a nice groomed trail. Our classic skiers are doing more of the traditional ski technique.

Collegiate skiers from St. John’s, St. Ben’s, St. Mary’s, South Dakota State University, and the University of Minnesota were among the sixty racers.

SJU skier Carter Scheele says the event is good for the school and local lovers of the sport.

It’s really just about the community coming outside even when it’s pretty cold out and just having a blast together.

At the event, there were also citizen racers of all ages.