ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- A St. Cloud woman is charged with a felony after a physical fight escalated into an alleged hatchet attack.

According to the charges, 18-year-old Marla Baird-Adams had been drinking Thursday afternoon when she and another female began fighting. A third female said she stepped in to intervene and ended up in a fight with the second female.

As a neighbor was breaking up that fight, they say Baird-Adams was standing in the yard with a hatchet in her hand and began yelling at the first female.

Witnesses say the first female then ran toward Baird-Adams and a physical fight resumed with Baird-Adams allegedly swinging the hatchet at the first female.

Police arrived and separated the two.

Baird-Adams was arrested on suspicion of 2nd-degree riot armed with a dangerous weapon. As Baird-Adams was being arrested, police say a preliminary test determined her blood-alcohol level was .17.

Court records show the victim suffered multiple cuts from the hatchet that required stitches.




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