St. Cloud Crime “Hot Spots” Get Extra Attention
The St. Cloud Police Department has identified "hot spot" where crime has been committed often and is giving extra attention to those locations. St. Cloud Assistant Police Chief Jeff Oxton joined me on WJON. He says they alert their officers of these locations so they get extra patrol.
Stearns County Working to Get Caught Up on Trials
The COVID-19 pandemic put a hold or pushed back numerous court trials in Stearns County. Stearns County Attorney Janelle Kendall joined me on WJON today. She says they held 25 jury trials during the pandemic restrictions but are now playing catch up with the trials that were pushed back.
What is St. Cloud Police Doing to Curtail Car Theft?
St. Cloud has hired a police officer who is specifically watching out for car theft. St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis joined me on WJON today. He says these thefts are typically happening as crimes of opportunity. Kleis says education is key for people to keep them from becoming victims of these crimes…

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