The St. Cloud V.A. offers home based memory care.  To learn more about this program I was joined by Emmalee Foss, Jackie Stevenson, Julie Kneideman and Kaitlyn Rydeen from the St. Cloud V.A.  This program brings primary care services to the veteran's home who have been diagnosed with a neurocognitive disorders such as dementia.  These veterans also live with a caregiver.  This program intends to support the veteran and caregiver with the hopes of delaying any institutionalization and diminish the caregiver burden.

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To qualify for the program Kneideman says veterans must have a diagnosis of dementia and/or cognitive loss and a caregiver at home.  The veteran must live within 40 miles of the St Cloud V.A.  Providers go to the home of the veteran along with a nurse who does visits and lab work.  Additional services include a social worker, occupational therapist, dietician, and a pharmacist.  Foss says how often the veteran and caregiver receive these services depends on their needs.  Visits can be every other week or once a month.  These services can be offered indefinitely.

The home based memory care program started at the St. Cloud V.A. in April of 2023.  Kneideman say numbers are growing for people with dementia so they are seeing an increase in those qualifying for the services.  Foss says they will follow veterans into assisted living settings but not into nursing home facilities.

If you'd like to listen to this month's Voices for Veterans segment, it is available below.



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