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ST. CLOUD -- The St. Cloud Technical and Community College has been offering farmers a chance to grow their business, with their Farm Business Management Program.

It started back in 1948, offering help to returning veterans that served in World War II.

Program Instructor Bradly Burkland says their goal is to help farmers focus on the numbers side of the business.

"Really what we focus on is helping farmers get a good record keeping system established."

Today the program serves about 100 farm families in the St. Cloud area, bringing the classroom to the student.

"A lot of what we do is individualized, we're going to the farms and the kitchen table becomes our classroom," says Burkland.

Ken Thiesen is an instructor in the Farm Management program. He says students typically stick with the program for 6-10 years, so they have an archive of records to go on.

"What the program really works towards, is helping farmers understand what is our number situation."

The Farm Business Management program is meant for both new students and current farmers looking into the farm industry, or trying to expand their business.

"They are continually learning, they are staying on the cutting edge, and they feel it gives them a competitive advantage."

To learn more about the Farm Business Program click the link www.sctcc.edu/farm-management.


Farm Management Program Helps Farmers Grow Their Business. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)