ST. CLOUD -- Finals week is just around the corner for St. Cloud State University and thanks to a couple student organizations, students will be able to de-stress before their big tests.

Healthy Huskies and Active Minds will be hosting de-stress events on Tuesday and Thursday in Atwood Memorial Center.

Kile Minnis is a Healthy Huskies Graduate Assistant. He says, both days, students can take advantage of some pet therapy.

"We're doing a stress-less week it's basically having destress with pets on Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Active Minds is also going to do a tabling event where they are going to do crafts."

Minnis says Healthy Huskies is also going to have an area where people can talk about their stress during the pet therapy event.

"We're going to have people write [their stresses] on a little piece of paper and have them shred it because it makes us feel so much better."

Finals are scheduled for the week of December 11 for St. Cloud State University students.

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