ST. CLOUD -- Her faith and her confidence have brought her this far, Johanna Peterson is getting ready to run for the gold in the Special Olympics USA Games.

"I'm going to Nationals in Seattle. I run in the 400 and the 200 that I got qualified for."

Johanna will also be competing in the 100-meter dash and shot put competitions for track. She says her friends encouraged her to join the track team.

"My friends are on the track team."

The 34-year-old athlete says without the support of her coaches she wouldn't be competing.

"They are really nice, they support us and cheer us on."

As for competitive sports, Peterson started out in swimming, she also likes golfing and has now made her way into track.

Outside of track Peterson enjoys going to Husky hockey games and St. Cloud Rox games. She is also a Christian.

"I got to church every week with my parents."

Her mom, Vicki Peterson, says one of Johanna's favorite activities is going to bible study.

"It's a bible study that is of special needs young adults. It's another way for her to be in the word and also to have the fellowship with all of her friends."

Johanna will be competing at Nationals July 1-6 in Seattle, Washington. She is raising funds for her trip if you're interested in donating follow the link below.

Johanna is one of three central Minnesota athletes competing in this year's Special Olympics USA Games.

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