ST. CLOUD -- If you looked up at the night's sky it would be hard for you to find a star that shines brighter than Chloe Schlough. 

Schlough is a rising star in the bocce ball world and she's headed to the Special Olympics USA Games this summer to show off her skills. The 24-year-old started out playing bocce ball just last summer and has since been hooked on the sport.

Schlough is a St. Cloud native, she says she wouldn't be competing if it wasn't for her supportive team.

"I like the coaches a lot and I like bocce ball a lot too and it's really fun."

Schlough's dad, Richard Schlough says Chloe always gives it her all.

"She's always willing to try new things. She's been involved with Special Olympics for many years."

Schlough plays a variety of different sports such as swimming and bowling but her favorite thing to do is...

"Sing and dance, I like to be a star!"

When Schlough isn't competing you'll likely find her at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

"I volunteer at my church for pre-school."

Schlough also loves to spend time with her sweetheart, Brian.

"I have a boyfriend. I met him a long time ago at WACOSA, he was my friend at first but not anymore."

The games will be held July 1-6 in Seattle, Washington. Schlough is looking forward to having her family root for her.

"They are going to cheer for me out loud."

Getting to Seattle can be expensive, Schlough is in the process of raising $1,000 to get there. If you are interested in donating follow the link below.

Schlough is one of three central Minnesota athletes competing in Nationals this July.

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