UNDATED -- A woman on a mission to win, Sara Kigin is gearing up to compete in the Special Olympics USA Games.

Kigin's mom Marie Kigin says Sara has been swimming like a fish since before she could walk.

"She's actually been swimming, probably since she was about four-months-old she's been swimming."

Sara is now 31-years-old, she's been involved with Special Olympics since she was eight-years-old. Sara says she can't wait to go to Seattle to compete this July.

"Sara: I like swimming a lot.

Marie: You like swimming, what kind of swimming do you like to do?

Sara: Free

Marie: Freestyle, and what event in the freestyle do you like to do?
Sara: 400

Marie: 400 freestyle, how many laps is that?

Sara: 16 times."

To get to Seattle, Sara does have to do some fundraising. If you're interested in helping support Sara, Marie says you can go to the Special Olympics Minnesota, somn.org, website.

"They are asking each family member to raise up to $1,000 to offset the cost to go. So it's not just the swim team that's going there's also I think eight other teams that are going. So it's quite a few athletes in the state that are going."

Donations can be made to the Special Olympics organization in general as well as to specific athletes. To donate follow the link below.

When Sara isn't swimming she enjoys working at WACOSA playing her guitar and going out with friends.

"[I go] out to eat, to the movies with my friends and with my work too."

The Special Olympics USA Games will be held July 1-6 in Seattle, Washington. Sara is one of three central Minnesota athletes competing in this year's national games.

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