ST. CLOUD -- Winning is something the St. Cloud YMCA Gators swim team has gotten used to. At a banner ceremony Monday night, they celebrated their success.

With three state-level championships in the past four years, they're one of the most successful teams in our metro area.

Coach Evan Shanley says the keys to their success are simple.

"We have kids who come to practice, they work hard, and they're goal-driven. And I think those three things specifically play the biggest role in the success we've had."

Two individuals on the team, 18-year-old Kasey Milstroh and nine-year-old Micah Davis were honored at the banner ceremony.

Milstroh won the 100 meter freestyle, and Davis won the 50 meter fly and 50 meter back.

Micah says he was motivated to win because receiving a banner would be "cool", and for her part Milstroh has Olympic aspirations.

Richard Leguil, WJON
Richard Leguil, WJON

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