ST. CLOUD -- If you have ideas on what you would like to be included in a new St. Cloud Skate Park there is a meeting Tuesday night. The relocation meeting is at 6:00 p.m. at the Lake George Complex.

Park and Recreation Director Scott Zlotnik says it's a chance to improve on the facility for future skaters.

It's not an old, it's a new.  It's a new process and a new beginning.  And we want folks that are interested to show up and provide their opinions.

Zlotnik says it is also an opportunity to add some amenities that regular users of the current skate park have been asking for.

Amenities such as a small restroom building and access to water.  I know this has always been a source of contention with the old Nature Center and the closure of that building.  We want to be able to provide access to water.

The current skate park opened in 2010. It has to be relocated because the land it is on has been sold to Costco.

Zlotnik says the goal is to begin construction of the new facility in the spring and have it open by late summer of next year. It will be built in Heritage Park just to the south and west of the current skate park.