ST. CLOUD -- The campuses at St. Cloud State University and St. Cloud Technical Community College are much quieter than usual these days with classes suspended due to concerns over COVID-19.

Classes at both schools are suspended through next Friday, and then when they do resume on Monday, March 30th it will all be done online through the remainder of the semester.

SCSU President Robbyn Wacker says faculty and staff have been working through all the logistics.

One of the things we're still working through are the students that have lab components to their courses on how we're going to handle that.  Our faculty are working really hard and really stepping up to try and make sure we're meeting the educational needs of our students.

Wacker says many of the international students remain in the residence halls on campus.

SCTCC President Anessa Cheek says prior to the coronavirus outbreak they were already doing a lot of online learning, but now they are focused on getting the face-to-face students up to speed on the technology.

Right now about 64% of our students already have at least one class that has some sort of online component, so that is a good thing for us. So, the counter to that is we have 36% of our students who are taking all face-to-face classes.

The spring term is scheduled to end on May 20th.

Both presidents are hopeful they can bring the students back on campus this summer, but that remains up in the air.

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