ST. CLOUD -- The mayor of Sauk Rapids has been put on administrative leave from his job as a Metro Bus driver after his arrest for suspicion of DWI Sunday.

Metro Bus Executive Director David Tripp says Brad Gunderson can use his paid vacation during this time but the move is technically unpaid leave.

Tripp says if Gunderson is found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol, he is prohibited from working at Metro Bus for a minimum of three years. Tripp says it is not only a Metro Bus policy, but a federal transit authority policy too.

Meanwhile, Gunderson's driver's license hasn't been suspended just yet. Sauk Rapids Police Chief Perry Beise says the blood alcohol results must come back first. He says it could be 30 days before they know what Gunderson's level of intoxication was at the time of his arrest. If it's determined Gunderson was over the legal limit, Beise says his driver's license will be immediately revoked.