SAUK RAPIDS (WJON News) -- The Sauk Rapids City Council will be discussing a problem property during its meeting on Monday.

The council will determine whether a house at 2626 Ocarina Drive is a hazardous building.

According to city documents, the violation issues first came to light in the summer of 2022. At that time, the city received complaints about a missing window from the front of the home. The city has sent several notices of violations between August and December 2022. After unsuccessfully trying to get the property owner to voluntarily repair the property, the city began a civil abatement action.

The city eventually got a search warrant and entered the home on April 11th. The interior wall of the home was determined to be structurally unsound due to the missing window. The interior is also filled with trash, waste and feces.

City of Sauk Rapids
City of Sauk Rapids

If the city council determines that the home is a hazardous building, a proposed order would require the hazards be removed. Specifically, the city wants the front wall secured and the window replaced, the beams and trusses stabilized, and the trash removed. If necessary, the home may have to be demolished if it is beyond repair.

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If the order is adopted on Monday, the property owner will have 20 days to respond, if he does not respond the city can take action on its own. If the city has to take care of the property the costs can be recovered by filing a lien on the property.



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