SARTELL -- The transformation inside the new Sartell Public Safety Facility is getting police officers and firefighters excited for what's to come.

Inside the walls are up and have been painted, carpeting in being laid and cosmetic work like cabinetry and appliances are being installed.

Police Chief Jim Hughes says as they were designing the building they wanted enough space for each officer, including a separate area for their reserve officers to work.

I wanted to give them their own space so they could have their own equipment in there away from the patrol staff. So that's a room designed just for them because they're a huge part of our police department.

Other elements on the police department side includes a safe room for domestic abuse victims, larger evidence room and a booking area.

As for the fire department side of the building, Fire Chief Jim Sattler says they are excited for the unique features they've added such as a separate area for cleaning turnout gear and an onsite training tower.

You don't find something like this very often. St. Cloud does have a training tower which we have used, but we are excited to have our own.

Sattler says the tower will allow firefighters to practice entering buildings filled with smoke or if the sprinklers are running.

The building was also designed to have several shared spaces, which both Hughes and Sattler say will be ideal for growing the comradery between both departments.

Sartell Mayor Ryan Fitzthum says the new Public Safety Facility will not only benefit the city's first responders, but serve as a key cog in the city's growth and development.

It goes well beyond just serving the police and fire departments. This will be a catalyst for growth along the Pinecone corridor.

He says there is already talks of potential development near the new police and fire station.

The 45,000 square-foot facility is moving along as planned with construction expected to wrap up in July and ready for use by August.

The new Public Safety Facility will be just north of the Heritage Drive roundabout along Pinecone Road, just south of Walgreens.

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