SARTELL -- The final approval has been passed in the upcoming Pinecone Road Improvements set to begin this summer.

Plans and bids for Phase 1 of the project were approved by the Sartell city council tonight (Monday) by a 4-1 vote.

The proposed improvements would include building a roundabout at 2nd Street South and replacing the bituminous paving with concrete paving from 2nd Street South to about 500 feet south of 7th Street North. As well as resurface the existing bituminous trail from 2nd Street South to 7th Street North including a pedestrian ramp improvements.

The construction would also add a right turn lane into Bernick's Arena and Super America, as well as a right-in and right-out at Liberty Savings Bank.

The council also approved an alternate bid that would lengthen the time needed to complete the project.

City Engineer Mike Nielson says it was suggested by the roadway contractors to extend the completion deadline from September 4th 2015 to October 15, 2015. The extension would lower the bids of the project and provide more flexibility on what sections could be completed at a later time in the deadline.

Nielson says they have also talked with the Sartell school district about the timeline extension and feel if the segment of Pinecone Road from 5th Street North to 7th Street North was completed by the start of the school year the district would be able work around the construction and detours.

The cost of the Phase 1 improvements are estimated at just under $3,000,000.

Approval of bids for the remain two roundabouts proposed in the overall project would be brought back to the council for a vote later this summer.

Construction is set to begin sometime after June 15th.

Pinecone Road Improvement designs (Photo: Sartell City Hall)
Pinecone Road Improvement designs (Photo: Sartell City Hall)