ST. CLOUD -- The Paramount Center for the Arts has received a $2-million donation from the Gorecki family.

The donation was made by Dorothy Gorecki and her late husband Benedict.

The center's Executive Director Bob Johnson says some of the money will go toward local artists, art organizations and others to help keep costs down and expand the PCA's services.

Meanwhile, Johnson says they'd use another chunk of the funds to study what they need for the future.

"Another thing we'd like to do is a study. We want to look at programming for the future, space needs for the future, should we expand some programs? Contract others? We want to have a strategic approach to the growth and development of the Paramount Center for the Arts."

He says the donation's importance can't be overstated.

"It's essential that we [the Paramount Center for the Arts] grow and change. And that we look at programming and space continuously in order to be successful in the future, so this helps us to do that."

The Paramount Center for the Arts is the non-profit that programs and manages the Paramount Theatre, which is owned by St. Cloud. The PCA has been in action since 1998, they were known as the Paramount Arts Resource Trust until 2016.

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